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Highly Flexible, Instant Hybridization

Ever wish you could have cloud instances and bare metal servers in the same environment? Keep reading, I've got good news...

Customers purchasing public cloud today expect to receive standard features such as bursting, but they also want an enterprise-grade reliable service that delivers flexibility. An ideal solution would be to mix your virtual and physical servers into one view without having to deal with the hassle of two portals. But how do you know if the virtual environment you choose is actually hybrid and can scale to your future infrastructure plans?

The Solution

Unlike other public cloud platforms, Rightcloud’s partners dedicate compute and memory resources to each virtual machine. In addition to creating a more secure environment, eliminating these points of resource contention ensures each server delivers a consistent level of performance for every VM across the globe.


The Difference

Our partners deliver the most comprehensive collection of support, automation, control and management options available. A fully open and documented API, mobile apps and web-based portals provide unprecedented control of your IT Infrastructure. And when it comes to support, you can rest assured knowing that expert engineers are providing complete 24/7 management of your entire infrastructure fabric.

This Hybrid Cloud solution is available in 9 premium data centers worldwide and is directly connected to high performance IP networks as well as a native Content Delivery Network (CDN) to give your content global reach. You can even integrate these Cloud servers with Dedicated (bare metal) servers behind the same load balancer and firewall for truly hybrid hosting. Rightcloud’s partners weave the cloud into your infrastructure fabric only where and when you want it.


  • Create a truly “hybrid” environment with cloud and physical servers integrated behind the same enterprise- class hardware, firewalls and load balancers 

  • Performance that rivals physical servers with greater flexibility and increased scalability

  • Maximize storage performance across entire infrastructure; enable cloning of live systems or off-site replication

  • Create virtual servers in North America, Europe or Asia in just seconds

  • More consistent performance across the entire VM platform

  • Simplify budgeting with a single bandwidth commit across services and locations 


Cloud convenience with hands-on support

Our managed support is included with every cloud installation, regardless of global location, and offers 24/7 monitoring, web-based and handheld portals, fully documented APIs, a 2-hour hardware replacement guarantee and 100% uptime SLA. For those who want even deeper hands-on support we provide a “Pro” option that adds operating system support, application-layer management, migration assistance, and proactive monitoring to ensure peak performance at all times.


Ashburn, VA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA
New York City, NY
Santa Clara, CA
San Jose, CA


Amsterdam, NL

Asia Pacific


Operating Systems

Custom image

• Citrix XenServer hypervisor
• Wide range of operating systems

• Dedicated, isolated resources for each VM
• Lato7 CPUs with 2GB dedicated DDR3 RAM per code – scalable to 11 cores per VM

• Network segmentation via VLAN’s provide a proven, reliable security model
• Secure hypervisor and dedicated resources

• Persistent enterprise iSCSI Storage with redundant SAN groups
• No I/O charges or per request fees

• L2 VLAN segregation with 10Gbps interconnection
• Global facilities and reach
• Universal transfer bandwidth pricing
• Native CDN and optimized IP transit

Want to learn more?

We’d be happy to work with your team to decide whether a full cloud or hybrid cloud solution would make the most sense for your application. Drop us a line and let’s get started.